Friday, January 13, 2017

Putting An End To Absentee Blogging

Photo credit to one of  my best women, Pam.
I wish I could tell you I've been thinking about blogging.  I wasn't, so I can't.  I have been too busy to blog. In the previous six months, I was divorced once and married (twice).  I had a lovely wedding and went on a short but also lovely honeymoon.  During that time, I played a moderate part in a huge musical comedy and published three new books.  I also became a lot more politically active and  adopted two more dogs and a pair of parakeets.

I think that list hits the high points of the last six months.  My time and focus have been stretched so thin I can see through them.  Though I have accomplished a great deal, my usual writing routine went to hell in a hand cart, taking my exercise and sleep schedules with it.  Since the wedding, which was January 1, things have begun to settle into a more manageable rhythm.  I am back to swimming and walking and writing.

The current writing project is the second book in The Ballad of Donny Granger.  I'd like to release The Road Home before the middle of 2017.  That would have it available to readers just about two years after the release of Book One, Escape From Pig Hill.  I began outlining this book in 2015, right after Escape was published.  I even wrote some of the book then and illustrated a new character, Wilson Watson.  Wilson will matter a lot in the life of our hero, Donny.  I am glad I had the foresight to lay the groundwork for Book Two before setting it aside to brew for almost two years.  That fragmentary outline and the illustrations and slap-hazard initial scribbles are helping to remind me of the narrative voice for the series.  That is an essential part of making a series work.

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