Sunday, August 28, 2016

Coming Soon! A New Haiku Collection With Art By Lorelei Seetan

Lorelei Seetan is a teacher, artist, and designer, I met in virtual worlds.  I first saw her photographs displayed in a small online gallery on her virtual land.  I loved it and later proposed that we team up to create a book to be published in virtual worlds as well as the solid one in which we all live and breathe.  Lorelei agreed and we spent much of the summer collaborating.  Here are two haiku and the work of art with inspired them.  Look for the book early this Fall from Babble Publishing.  

Art b y Lorelei Seetan; Poetry by Stephanie Mesler
Both are (c) 2016 to Lorelei Seetan and Stephanie Mesler

Waiting For You

shimmering water
stirred by the warm breeze touching
my cheek before you

Waiting For You (Redux)

secluded table,
red roses, bleached linen and
breathless hot yearning