Friday, May 20, 2016

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The Light is about endings and beginnings.  I wrote it in a Fiction In A Flash workshop while dressed as my avatar, Freda Frostbite, on The Great Canadian Grid.  The story, which was written in fewer than 45 minutes, is one of my favorite recent pieces.  If you would like to read it, SUBSCRIBE.  Send email to; put "subscribe" in the header; I'll send you the story.  It's that easy to get free fiction.  So what are you waiting for, eh?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Writer's Diary: It's Been A Long Month This Week

StephanieMeslerWrites Profile PhotoThere have been some unexpected developments with Ermengarde and her new novel. These developments arose as a result of recent beta-readings of the work-in-progress (WIP) and of actually tracking my word count. As it turns out, the story I thought would grow up to be a 100,000 word fantasy novel is really the first two and a half books in a fantasy series. While I thought I have been writing pieces and parts (that's how I work, in pieces and parts), it looks like what I have actually written thus far is about 30,000 words in the first book of a series, 45,000 in the second book, and a smattering for a third. I have always envisioned Ermengarde having her own series, but, well, it may be a much more complex and detailed series than I counted on.

This development hasn't sent me clear back to the drawing board, but I have spent most of the last week reassigning pieces and parts to the novels of which they will actually be part. I have also re-outlined the first novel, now that I know it will conclude considerably sooner in our heroine's life than I expected. One result of all this re-organization is, I think, a much more compelling and readable, story. Another result may be that the book may not be released before year's end. And the change that may leave you scratching your heads: The book is now titled, Ermengarde The Expansive and The Rhinolope Rebellion. Tomorrow, Sunday being the start of my work week, I will be back to actual writing, this time with a much clearer notion of where I am headed. My goal is to complete the first draft by mid-June when I will be forced to set Ermengarde aside for two months, so that I can focus on a top-secret project being written by my alter-ego, Freda Frostbite. What can I say? Freda makes a better living than I do, so her projects come first.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the floorplan of the castle in which Ermengarde grew up. It is called The Monarch's Seat and is located in The Great City, capital city of Obifobus, Ermengarde's realm. The floor plan is not yet complete. I add to it as I write about specific places in the castle. I'll post updates here as the castle changes and grows.

The Monarch's Seat: You may need to enlarge using the slide bar at top right of the image.