Friday, April 22, 2016

Poof: A New Poem by Stephanie Mesler


By Stephanie Mesler

A wise woman once said, fuck it all
and slammed a door behind her.
Then, she passed through another
and another
and said fuck all this, too,
stepped out onto a wide blooming plain,
kicked off her shoes and walked away.
Grass stained her soles and wind mussed her hair.
Sun beat down on her back and sweat washed her brow.
She stripped off clothing, one garment at a time,
starting with the silk chemise,
ending with panties that defied her natural curves.
She did this at her leisure, keenly aware that no one saw;
that no one cared.
Standing knee deep in daisies,
she fluttered on light feet, buzzing in circles, arms outstretched,
breasts alive at the caress of the breeze.
She danced spirals across a meadow to the foot of a hill
and saw the sun rose higher above it so she followed.
She climbed the slope taking long strides,
away from the meadow and the doors which no longer trapped her;
She strode toward the sun,
found it waiting just over the hill’s crest.
In its noon, she raised her palms and reached for heat.
It came in waves and lifted her up
and up
and up
Until she was looking back down at what she had abandoned.
One last time she said fuck it all and then she was gone.

Poof is copyright © 2016 Stephanie Mesler